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I'm here to help you breathe fire into your genius, your joy, and your relationships.

I'm a speaker, coach, and workshop leader. I work with women to help them be the radiant light they came here to be.

My clients tell me they wish they had been taught these "forever life skills" 25 years ago. They feel less stress, more happiness, and more joy -- and they create more impact while having fun.

I lead online programs and masterminds, in-person retreats, and I private coach a select few clients.

I also work with school and companies, designing programs that fit their needs.

Ways to Play with Me


Luminosa Playground: a free high vibe place to play in the field of expansion (private Facebook group - click here to join)

Entry Level:

Chutes, Ladders, Elevators & Springboards: How to play the game of life at a higher vibration

Signature Programs:

Rise Up, Luminosa: Be the light you came here to be

Luminosa Light: Your springboard to deep inner peace

LuMENosa Love: Create more happiness and connection with men and boys

Luminosa Mom: Empower your children to grow stronger, happier, and more resilient no matter what comes their way

Luminosa Leadership: Access the magic that calls others to rise

Other Programs:

Heartbeat of Joy: How to manifest and curate joy

Joy Weekend Retreat


Luminosa Bundle: Rise Up, Luminosa + Luminosa Light + LuMENosa Love

Luminosa Bundle, Mom Edition (includes Luminosa Bundle + Luminosa Mom)

Luminosa Bundle, Leadership Edition (includes Luminosa Bundle + Luminosa Leadership)


The Miracle Mind: High level mastermind to dissolve blocks and play in the field of expansion and impact

Private Coaching

Transformative coaching that cuts to the chase of anything holding you back from living your best life. High level support for deep and fast integration.


Email ellie@thenewbrave.com for current availability and pricing for all of the above. 


I am a sought after speaker for wellness events, assemblies, and workshops. I work with students (teens/tweens), teachers, and parents.

My expertise includes:

  • Hardwiring Happiness
  • Growing Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing Resilience in the Face of Life's Challenges
  • Building Respectful and Fun Relationships/Friendships
  • Walking away from Perfection
  • Playing the Game of Life 
  • Curating Beliefs that Empower You
  • Developing Leaders

Email ellie@thenewbrave.com to discuss your needs.

I lead presentations and workshops in diverse settings. I suit them to your needs and focus on the areas of emotional intelligence, resilience, leadership, teamwork, communication, and how to bring out the best in yourself and other people.
Email ellie@thenewbrave.com to discuss your needs.
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