Do you want to BE the light you CAME HERE TO BE?

If you feel a yes in you, the free and private Facebook group Luminosa Playground is for you.

We all have warring factions inside.

On one hand they guide us to play small to be "safe".

And on the other there's a voice telling us to

play bigger.

There is this higher calling -- we know we have more to offer the world.

We know the world will change, will become more love-filled and love-fueled, when we


We have magic in us, light in us, power in us to transmute the darkness.

But the magic, light, and power go dull if we don't take action to keep them strong.

Luminosa is the highest and best part of each of us who gets to radiate her best qualities in the world, spreading her own special brand of love and light. We are women leaders who are committed to being EVEN MORE of the light WE CAME HERE TO BE.

The Luminosa Playground is here to empower you to do just that!

In the Luminosa Playground, we nourish our own and each other’s light. We celebrate our wins (big or small). We play. We learn. We rewire our brains for more JOY. We grow. We each glow brighter because of US.

Are you interested?

Here's what you don’t have to be:

Perfect. Perfect is a ridiculous standard. Any deviation from "perfect" when perfect is your aim is failure. That's no life at all! When we're on the razor's edge of failure all the time, we get tight, constrict, and forget out genius. WE NEED YOUR GENIUS! Besides, if you were perfect, no one could relate to you. You don't have to be anywhere near perfect. You'll stumble, we all do, and that's what makes us human and relatable.

Here's what you DO have to be:

1. Real. Pretending you are something you’re not only makes it harder to become what you CAN BE.

2. Willing to choose love over fear every damn minute you can (and explore exactly what that means -- which takes a lifetime of learning).

3. Willing to keep going and growing into the best possible version of yourself -- so you can spread high vibrations and ripple effects out into the field of energy that connects us all.

This is work -- I know. I have been at it for years -- and grown into someone my self of 15 years ago might not even recognize.

The payoff is huge.

The payoff is you get to lift up the world -- you get to contribute what the world needs to heal -- love, patience, compassion, understanding, confidence, strength, flexibilty, leadership, generosity, faith, hope, and trust!! You can't get a much bigger payoff than that!

You get to stand in love and hold out your hand to the next person and the next and the next who holds theirs out to the next and say THIS IS WHO WE REALLY ARE.

Who you show up as matters. We who believe in the power of love have to stop going to sleep!

We keep thinking that the world is going to take care of itself, to right itself back to a place of love -- or we sit and worry and fret that it won’t, wringing our hands.

Neither of those does a damn thing for anybody. Neither of those is going to make a difference.

The world will change, will become more loving, when WE LIGHT THE WAY.

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Let's go make the world a better place!

With much love --

The Luminosa Playground

Filled with:
High vibes,
and Inspiration.


To your brave and beautiful growing heart,
Much love,

Founder of The New Brave