Lauren Field: Rise Up Participant

This was one of the most life changing courses I've ever been a part of. I don't think I learned as much in all my years at Syracuse or in Graduate school at BC as I did with you in Rise Up! You are such a beautiful soul and you truly live by one of my mantras to "be true to your heart". That's what makes you such a wonderful public speaker. Engaging, articulate, intelligent, compassionate, funny and kind hearted. You are a light that everyone should follow. I can't thank you enough for everything you've done. My daughter hasn't heard or seen me so happy in her life.

Linan Munoz: Rise Up Participant

The amazing thing that Ellie does is work on a level that is a higher conscious type of living. She creates and crafts her own curriculum, pulling in science, mind, heart, and body. This allowed to me to traverse and navigate layers that I couldn't do on my own.I do a lot of personal development myself but nobody before her could really help me break through. She helped me to feel safe, held space for me and showed me how to hold space for myself. She gave me these tools to be able to break through the layers that have been ingrained in me since childhood. Her classes will rock your world.

Melanie Ann Layer: Creator of Alpha Femme & Ellie's Coach

Ellie has been forged in the flames. And her love for people and the light she brings to this world is a gift beyond a gift. She speaks wisdom. She is so well-spoken. She is so eloquent. If you have children I wish for you to know Ellie. She’s raised a teenager in a way that if women could raise men like that, we’d live in a different world. Ellie is the kind of person that can change generations with her parenting and her business. There’s no one like her on the face of the planet. And you’ll feel it the minute you meet her. She’s ageless. It doesn’t matter who you are on the planet. She will hit your heart like she’s your best friend, you sister, your mother, your soul. She’s got a magic about her. You feel home when Ellie is there. And it is such a gift to be in her presence.

Linda Cornell: Private Client

I adore Ellie! I think she's brilliant! The impact she has had on my life is phenomenal!!

Ellie is not only present but compassionate, empathetic and generous with her time, her amazing background of knowledge and her heart. 

Ellie continues to be my mirror, my sounding board, my teacher and my guide as I navigate through the ups, downs and sideways of life.   She is a treasure in all ways.

Karen Emery: Luminosa Playground participant

Her groups are pure positive high vibration. It's like having an angel on your shoulder traveling with you on your journey.

Starr Shallow: Luminosa Light Participant

Ellie is a beautiful soul, sent here in this incarnation to touch people and change their lives for the better. She is non-judgmental, filled with knowledge and wisdom and authentic in her love of her students and her calling.

Haley Jane: Luminosa Mom participant

Ellie is one of the wisest human beings I have ever met. Her elegance and grace leaves you in awe. The peace that resides in her heart is cosmic. Ellie is one of the best teachers you could ask for. her style and techniques get you engaged and intrigued to learn more. I cannot be more grateful for the wisdom and knowledge I have gained from Luminosa Mom. 

My mind expanded every single lesson!

Luminosa Mom will propel your parenting skills to a whole new level. Being a parent is HARD WORK. Through this program, I have gained skills to use for my lifetime, passing them on to my child. Jayna and I have developed a deeper relationship with regards to emotional intelligence and strengthening our inner peace muscle.

The knowledge I have gained has turned into gold in my soul. 

Ellie's charisma frees up any stagnant energy and allows you to feel lighter, more human, even through the thick mucks of parenting life. If you want to deepen your parenting skills, Luminosa Mom is a MUST for you. If you want a closer relationship with your child, Luminosa Mom is a MUST for you. If you are a parent, Luminosa Mom is a must for you, no matter the age of your child! 

This program is truly a gift from God.