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Coach ~ Author ~ Speaker ~ Wisdom Keeper

Ellie Bassick-Trovato is on a mission to help you breathe fire into your genius, your joy, and your relationships. 

The former middle school teacher turned life coach is no stranger to what this takes.

After losing her husband and her father within the span of 2 months, Ellie faced the prospect of raising her young son, Ben, alone. But instead of sinking into depression and grief, Ellie discovered strength and purpose in the wake of her loss.  

"I realized that no matter what was happening around me, I could choose my response.  I decided to look at life through the lens of love, in its myriad of forms - trust, faith, resilience, compassion, generosity and purpose.”

By intentionally choosing who she wanted to become in the face of hard things, she began to access a deeper level of her own brand of genius.

As she did the work to heal and wake up her inner world through tons of personal development work with the best in the industry, her outer world and relationships flourished.

Ellie shares her story of loss to purpose in the Amazon #1 bestseller, A Juicy Joyful Life: Inspiration from Women Who Have Found the Sweetness in Every Day and has co-authored The Wisdom of Mid-Life.

Her writing has been featured in Aspire Magazine, Elephant Journal and Thrive Global.  She has also been interviewed on podcasts like Jumpstart Your Joy, SHE Waves, The Messy Middle Road Trip, Abundant Babes, Simplified Success, Inspired Living Radio, and Shameless Mom Academy

Ellie has a Master's in Education and a certification in life coaching. She feels incredibly blessed when she gets to deliver keynote presentations and workshops at schools, conferences, and in companies. She adores witnessing the transformation of her private clients' lives and relationships, and she runs online group programs and signature "Joy Weekend" retreats.

Areas of Expertise

As a women's empowerment coach, author, and speaker, Ellie wakes women up to their strength, grace, and power. She helps her clients discover and expand their genius as the align with higher and higher vibrations, giving them access to more peace, more love, more joy, more happiness, and more abundance.  

She is known for her compassion, her grace and resilience and her wisdom and insight. Her work combines science, mind, heart, and body and includes a breadth of expertise, broad-based spiritual principles and neuroscience. She catapults women forward into accessing their potential through inspiration, connection with their higher selves, practical guidance, new perspectives, and deep transformation.  

She focuses on:

  • curating inner peace and calm
  • developing emotional resiliency
  • expanding joy
  • accessing higher levels of possibilities for impact and abundance
  • powerful leadership of themselves, their families, and their clients and communities 
  • decreasing the stress and exponentially increasing the connection in their relationships (with children, spouses, friends, family, co-workers, clients).
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As Featured In
As Featured In

About The New Brave

The New Brave is the woman who faces her fear without getting paralyzed by it. Her interest is not just in surviving, it's about thriving in all areas of her life and knowing she is worthy of it all.

She chooses courage over comfort.

She chooses expansion over contraction, trust over worry, and faith over fear.

In short, she chooses love, stands FOR love, stands IN love.

Choosing love over fear is a practice that grows stronger every time we do it.

In fact, we have a saying emblazoned across our t-shirts: Choosing Love Over Fear #EDMIC (Every Damn Minute I Can).

Sometimes #EDMIC is every minute of the day. Sometimes, when faced with depletion and loss, it's one minute in a day.

But every minute counts.

We send our love muscle to the gym, and it grows stronger.

Love brings us peace, not perfection.

We are not here to be perfect.

We are here to be real.

We are here to remember we have the light of a thousand suns in us -- and to find the imperfect path to shining them.

No more beating ourselves up for the ways in which we fall down.

As we peel away the learned patterns of reacting to the world with anger, fear, worry, anxiety, comparison, and guilt…

we come to influence the world with our generosity, playfulness, insight, compassion, and joy.

Being The New Brave is about choosing to lead with love no matter what -- and choosing to leave only love in our wake.

And it’s about trusting and loving who we are and who we become on that path.

When we lead ourselves from this place, we lead others to it as well.

Our families grow stronger and happier and more resilient.

Our clients, students, customers, employees, or co-workers grow stronger, more insightful, happier, and more resilient.

Our communities do too.

Together we rise.

And together we uplift the vibration of the planet.

You've found a home here.

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