Your subconscious mind is like a refrigerator.


Bear with me.

If you stocked your refrigerator with nothing but ketchup…just bottles and bottle of ketchup, what would you see when you opened the refrigerator?

You guessed it. Ketchup.

And if you stocked your subconscious mind with images and thoughts of how you’re not worthy, not pretty enough, not thin enough, not smart enough…? What would it have to feed you?

You guessed it. Images and thoughts of how you’re not worthy.

But what if you stocked your refrigerator with piles of nutritious and beautiful fruits and vegetables? What would you have available to you then when you opened the refrigerator door?

Ahhhh, right. Nutritious and beautiful fruits and vegetables.

And what if you stocked your mind with inspiration, new ways of looking at old things, experiences that tickle your fancy, and images that make your heart sing?

What will your mind then have available to help you?

Yes, all kinds of goodness.

Don’t leave it to chance. Inspiration breathes life into you. Isn’t that worth paying attention to?

So what are you feeding your mind right now? Tonight? Tomorrow? Negative news, negative people, anxiety-producing thoughts?

I so hope not!

My vote is for inspiration. Like what? ideas that make you think in new ways, people and perspectives that inspire you to believe that new things are possible, and information that opens a gate to an insatiable curiosity to want to know more.

Three of the best sources I know are:

Role models who inspire you to believe amazing things are possible.
TED talks that open worlds of new ideas and fresh ways of looking at the world.
Authors who remind you of the world beyond your four walls.
Stock your mind for 30 minutes a day, and you’ll change the way you think which will change the way you FEEL.

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