We often overcomplicate the idea of our life purpose to the point where it feels like we’re failing at it before we even get started. Here’s a different way of looking at it (chock full with knowledge about how to make it happen!) that will free you up to go out and do YOU in the world.

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What we covered in Episode 1:

  • What if your life purpose is not about what you came here to do but instead is WHO you came here to BE?
  • How to discover who you came here to be
  • How to activate your Reticular Activating System and what it can do for you
  • How you can more often BE those qualities
  • A 3-step process that creates neural pathways that expand when & where & how often you can be those qualities
  • Whether you have to be those qualities ALL the time (Hint: No! Phew. )

The idea for Episode 1 of The Brave Beat Live came from a New Brave fan on Facebook who replied to a question about what she wanted to be able to say about 2018…which was that she wanted to say she had discovered her life purpose. That’s a common theme in a lot of our lives, so I thought it the perfect starting point for the show!

I first stumbled across this idea — that WHO we came here to BE is really our purpose — years ago. I don’t even remember where. But it resonated deeply for me, and I’ve been working with my clients around this idea for a long time. As I learn new things and experiment with ideas that pop up, I keep honing this process more and more. Recently, while studying Alison Armstrong’s AMAZING material, I learned some new distinctions that helped me improve the process even more. Your feedback, discoveries, and ideas will continue to help its evolution, thereby helping even more people, so I would love it if you’d share! ellie@thenewbrave.com.

Thank you for watching!

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