Being happy is a worthy goal and well worth going to the mat for. Heck, my entire life is centered around helping women live more inspired, happier lives.

So why was I crying as I shared a wonderful coaching tool on a Facebook live video? Crying doesn’t have anything to do with being happy!

Or does it?


The night before, some really hard stuff had gone down in my life. It was 6:30am, and I was still sad.

So I showed up with my vulnerability…I shared my sadness with my clients, tears streaming down my face. They responded with the love with which we’ve all learned to support each other. And then I was able to move on and deliver the coaching content with all my heart.

Because I allowed the emotions to express when they threatened to derail me, they moved through me, and I was free again.

Do you allow yourself to cry when you need to? Or do you try to tamp it down and “do what needs to be done”?

Those tears don’t just disappear when you push them down…they go underground and simmer. And simmering is no good. Simmering locks you down inside. And what gets buried in there with the sadness? Your happiness, joy, patience, trust, and every other great emotion you love to have.

So please, when you need to cry, cry. Let the emotions wash through you so you can get to the other side. You need that freedom.

Be you. You’re not wrong for feeling sadness. You’re just human.

Much love,

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