As women, we do it all the time. We let our self-care take a back seat to everyone and every thing that wants a piece of us.

We say yes when we mean no. We take on too much. We spend time with people who don’t get us. We put off taking care of ourselves until we have “more time”. We make decisions by committee about what’s okay to say, be, or do.

And the cost is huge. On top of the risks to our health — and the loss of our happiness, when our boundaries get murky and our self-care is non-existent, the gifts we were born to share get lost.

We each have incredible gifts we were born to share with the world. Yours could be your artistic ability. Your patience. Your unique perspective. Your compassion. Your passion.

These gifts are your light. And do I really need to tell you? The world needs your light.

When your light is smothered, you — the sweet, sexy, sometimes tumultuous core of you — gets lost. The passion, the patience, the playfulness — poof!

And then we all lose.

So I have an important question for you. What can you do TODAY to grow your light? What is one small or large act of self-care you could do right now?

Who or what can you say no to? Who or what can you say yes to?

Commit to doing just this one thing. Whatever came to mind first. Trust your gut. That’s the thing you need to do.

Please, please, please give yourself permission to do that thing. Today.

When you do that thing, you start building the habit of growing your light.

When people around you see you doing the things that grow your light, they are FAR more likely to do the things that grow theirs too.

It’s a win win all the way around.

You get happier. You get healthier. You light up your corner of the world. The people who follow in your footsteps light up theirs. Your self-care is good for EVERYONE.

Ahhhhh. That feels good. Together, we just turned up the possibility of light and dialed back the dark.

I’m curious. What was it? What was that first thought that came to mind? When will you do it?

I’d love to hear about it.

With much love,

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