What makes your heart happy?

Would you be able to name 25 things in 3 minutes?

Give it a try. Seriously, set the timer on your phone to 3 minutes, grab any old piece of paper and list at many things as you can. See if you can get to 25 in 3 minutes — or even more!

If you can’t, it’s time to tune in to your happiness frequency more often and with clear intention.

If you can, that’s fantastic!

Try this once a week (or once a day — even better!) and see if your numbers grow week over week.

You’ll be telling your brain to look for what makes you happy. Good, right?

You’ll be spending time thinking about what makes you happy. Also good, right?

And you’ll be reminded to do more of the things that make you happy. Yippee!

All of these carve a highway to happiness in your brain that makes it easier and easier to get there more often.

I’d love to hear what you discover!

With much love,

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